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    Eximia - OCTOPUS Kit
    Eximia - OCTOPUS Kit
    Eximia - OCTOPUS Kit
    Eximia - OCTOPUS Kit
    Eximia - OCTOPUS Kit

    Eximia - OCTOPUS Kit

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    Eximia ha creato uno starter kit di alta qualità composto da tre prodotti

    • il software Eximia Middleware Octopus
    • Nr. 1 lettore RFID Impinj Rain R700
    • Nr. 2 antenne Kathrein WRA 3070 ETSI

    per aiutare le aziende ad implementare la tecnologia RFID e tracciare in modo preciso e accurato i propri asset.

    Quantity :

    Eximia ha ideato un kit di alta qualità composto da tre prodotti, che rappresenta uno starter kit per le aziende che vogliono implementare la tecnologia RFID per tracciare in modo preciso e accurato i propri asset. Questo kit include prodotti di alto livello come il software Eximia Middleware Octopus, il lettore RFID Impinj Rain R700 e l'antenna Kathrein WRA 3070 ETSI. Questi prodotti sono stati selezionati con cura per garantire un'integrazione senza problemi, elevate prestazioni e affidabilità. Lo starter kit di Eximia offre un'ottima opportunità alle aziende per esplorare i benefici della tecnologia RFID e gestire in modo efficiente i propri asset.

    Eximia Middleware Octopus

    Octopus is a management software that allows connecting RFID readers of different brands to a data and configuration management system. The middleware can be integrated with existing ERP or MES management systems and can also function as a standalone system. Octopus allows configuring RFID readers, defining connection parameters, power, GPIO, and operating modes. Additionally, the software offers a dashboard with statistics, a real-time console to view readings and errors, a map for indoor visual representation of devices, and a data-sharing mode for third-party systems. Octopus supports different devices and offers a customizable temporary license.

    Impinj RFID Rain R700 Reader

    The Impinj R700 reader is an advanced RFID tag reading device, with high reliability and security. It offers superior performance compared to other RFID devices, with 10 times greater computing power, and improves RAIN RFID performance in environments such as loading docks, conveyor belts, and point-of-sale exits, thanks to the chip-based tags in the Impinj M700 series. Additionally, the R700 reader is developed based on the Impinj Speedway family of readers, which has been providing reliable performance for over 15 years.

    Kathrein Antenna WRA 3070 ETSI

    The Kathrein WRA 3070 antenna is a compact solution, ideal for applications in rugged environments or workshops. Its reading range can go up to 20 meters, depending on the tag's properties, the environment, and requirements. Theantenna is suitable for portal applications and vehicle identification, with different half-power beamwidths in azimuth and elevation. Additionally, the antenna has a high IP67 protection rating, making it suitable for outdoor use.


    Specific References


    Impinj R700 Product Brief-EN

    Impinj R700 Reader Product Brief-EN

    Download (732.36KB)

    MW Octopus-Installation-IT

    Octopus Middleware Installation Guide (IT)

    Download (1.36MB)

    MW Octopus-Presentation-IT

    Presentation of the Eximia MW Octopus product (IT)

    Download (3.49MB)

    MW Octopus-User Guide-IT

    Eximia MW Octopus user manual (IT)

    Download (6.48MB)

    MW Octopus-Installer-EN

    Octopus Middleware Installation Guide (EN)

    Download (1.37MB)

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