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Eximia is a RFID Company founded in 2003 that provides products, develops applications and solutions based on RFID technology, with end-to-end approach. Our distintive skills concern products, projects know how, experiences gained during the last 10 years, the wide and
in-depth knowledge on RFID products currently available and in development on the world market, that become an indispensable asset to design and implement projects and RFID solutions of great success.

Eximia has established partnerships with leading companies in the research and production of RFID technology in the world, relationships that allow us to know and get a new products and new RFId technology preview, favoring the skills growth necessary to design and provide optimal solutions to our customers.

From our expertise and experience born our "RFID Store" a showcase of the best products that the RFID technology is able to currently offer on the world market.

Eximia is the only official distributor of Ubisense for Italy



For further information visit our website:  www.eximia.it

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