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RFID HF (High Frequency) antennas are fundamental components of an RFID system and are used for reading and writing RFID tags on objects and products. HF antennas operate on the frequency range of 13.56 MHz and are often used in environments where the reading distance is limited.

HF RFID antennas are available in different shapes and sizes, depending on the application requirements. Panel antennas are suitable for installation on walls or flat surfaces, while frame antennas are used mainly in environments where space is limited, such as in retail applications.

HF RFID antennas are often used in access control, electronic ticketing, asset management, electronic traceability, consumer electronics, and document management applications. In addition, the use of HF RFID antennas allows for the automation of reading processes and the reduction of human errors, improving the efficiency and precision of business activities.

HF RFID antennas are able to read RFID tags at relatively short distances, but offer greater reading precision compared to UHF antennas. In addition, HF RFID antennas can be used in environments where the presence of metal or water can interfere with tag reading, thanks to their ability to reduce electronic interference.

HF RFID antennas can be linearly or circularly polarized, depending on the application requirements. Linear polarization is suitable for reading tags on flat objects, while circular polarization is more suitable for reading tags on three-dimensional objects.

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