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    Eximia - Smart Label PAPER
    Eximia - Smart Label PAPER
    Eximia - Smart Label PAPER
    Eximia - Smart Label PAPER

    Eximia - Smart Label PAPER

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    Product available for orders
    • Material: Paper
    • Chip: Monza R6 Impinj
    • Memory EPC: 96 bit
    • Dimension: 3.78 x 0.9 in

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    The Eximia Label UHF RFID Transparent Adhesive Tag is a multifunctional RFID tag with exceptional performance.

    The Eximia Label allows for long reading distances, up to 7-8 m, depending on the reader and antennas used.

    It can be read simultaneously by hundreds of units in multi-read mode.

    This tag finds applications in a wide range of sectors, such as logistics, asset management, inventory applications, grey and parallel market control, and timing of sports events such as cycling and running races.

    The integrated RFID chip in the Eximia Label UHF RFID Tag is the Impinj Monza R6, a world leader in the production of RFID tag chips and RFID hardware.

    It is also an excellent chip for applications that do not require user memory.

    The TID and EPC memories both have 96 bits of available space.

    Upon request, for large quantities, it is possible to use chips with higher EPC or user memory.

    This tag is integrated and used in pallet labels, baggage tags, shipment labels, and delivers excellent results on plastic materials.

    Label PAPER

    Data sheet

    3.78 x 0.9 in
    Monza R6 Impinj
    96 bit

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