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    Kathrein Antenna MIRA 100 FCC
    Kathrein Antenna MIRA 100 FCC
    Kathrein Antenna MIRA 100 FCC
    Kathrein Antenna MIRA 100 FCC
    Kathrein Antenna MIRA 100 FCC

    Kathrein Antenna MIRA 100 FCC

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    MIRA-100-circular Mid Range Antenna, 2,5 dBic TNC-socket.

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    The mid-range antenna (MIRA) was developed for applications in range between the near and far field.

    The focus of the compact design was for integration in space-critical applications.

    Reading distances of up to 5 m are still possible with dimensions of 143.8 x 156 mm.

    In this case, however, the reading range is very wide.

    In most cases the MIRA is used for reading distances up to 2 m, for which it features sufficient selectivity.

    Therefore, this antenna design is especially suitable for applications in the so called transition area with different tag types.

    • Compact design and small dimensions
    • Typical read range*: up to 2 m (* depending on tag properties, environment and requirements)
    • Various transponder types possible to use
    • Integration possible in applications where space is limited
    • Use in transition range between near field and far field application
    • Suitable for use in industrial environments, suitable for bulk and single tag applications
    • High IP67 degree of protection, suitable for outdoor use

    Data sheet

    156 x 143.8 x 36 mm
    0.32 kg
    Ingress Protection (IP)
    Radiated Power
    +30 dBm (at antenna port)
    Operating Temperature
    20 to +55 °C
    Storage Temperature
    -40 to +85 °C
    Frequency Range
    902-928 MHz
    Connector Type
    TNC female

    Specific References

    Kathrein Antenna MIRA 100 FCC

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