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Tag UHF IRON L (200 pcs pack)

Metal Tag IRON L UHF, RESINED IP68 ABS material: ABS Black, PU Resin (no personalization available on this quantities)

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IRON L (200 pcs)

€ 675,00

Hard-tag IRON-L is a transponder UHF ON/OFF Metal durable and long range, optimized for use on metal products and any other material. It 'available in 5 different models very robust and also resistant to high temperatures,perfect for long-term use in industrial environments and outdoor. The white label ( made of plastic PET material ) It is coated and protected with a special resin PU very durable transparent and indelibly to life and can be easily customized with logos, barcodes or QR code. Standard products have the white label without printing. 

  • Altezza 12 mm
  • Lunghezza 116 mm
  • Profondità 28 mm
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