Textile Rfid UHF Tag for Laundry App (1000 pcs Pack) Vedi a schermo intero

Textile Rfid UHF Tag for Laundry App (1000 pcs Pack)

Best-in-class Industrial Laundry tag for textiles and garments. (1.000 pcs pack)

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Laundry Tag

€ 750,00

For laundry operators, lost or miscounted items directly impact their bottom line and customer satisfaction. Discrepancies can lead to billing issues and increased costs for replacing missing items. Plus, customers who receive the wrong or fewer items than expected may turn to the competition.

The challenge is that counting laundry items by hand is time consuming and prone to error. USTEK solve this problem with intelligent, automated laundry item UHF Tags. The solution combines high-performance, RAIN RFID chips from Impinj built into durable, washable laundry tags from USTEK.

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