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SlimLine A5020 Circular Polarized Antenna

A5010 Near Field RFID UHF antenna with very compact dimensions: 150 mm / 5.9 inch square

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SlimLine A5020

€ 147,50

Derived from our best-selling A5010 antenna and designed to the Times-7 high-quality standards with very compact dimensions of 150 mm / 5.9 inch square, the A5020 is more than just a commodity antenna. IP68 rated for permanent outdoor use with a 1.5 ft. wider reading range than other antennas of similar size, this antenna is unique in the UHF RFID market and creates a new benchmark. 
Its aesthetically appealing design makes the A5020 very convenient for customer-facing environments.

  • Altezza 14 mm
  • Lunghezza 150 mm
  • Profondità 150 mm
  • Peso 250g
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