Rugged tablet RFid Vedi a schermo intero

Rugged tablet RFid

Rugget Tablet RFid UHF ideale per applicazioni in ambienti industriali ed outdoor

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HUGEROCK series are the rugged mobile date-collect terminals.Android tablet T80 is ideal for highly mobile outdoor and field workers in markets like logistics,construction,mine,military,field sales and the public sector.It meets MIL-STD-810G and IP67 standards for durability and protection against dirt,dust,water,motion,
vibration, temperature and other factors that would quickly damage an industrial-grade tablet.It can 
withstand up to a 1.8m drop and 2 ton shock pressure test.It also comes with a suite of integrated features,
including an UHF RFID,finger print,1D/2Dbarcode scanner,high precision GNSS optional 4G LTE.Also it comes with a long-life 11000mAh battery sunlight-readable,and operating under extreme low temperature.

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