Terminale Rugged RFid UHF Vedi a schermo intero

Terminale Rugged RFID UHF - S50

Terminale portatile UHF ideale per operare in ambienti outdoor.

Maggiori dettagli

S50 intelligent terminal is ideal for highly mobile outdoor and field workers in markets like logistics,construction,mine, military,filed sales and the public sector.It meets MIL-STD-810G and IP67 standards for durability and protection against dirt,dust,water,motion,vibration,temperature and other factors that would quickly damage an industrial-grade tablet.It can withstand up to a 1.8m drop and 2 ton shock pressure test.It also comes with a suite of integrated features,including an UHF RFID,1D/2D barcode scanner,high precision GNSS optional 4G LTE.Also it goes with a long-life 5000mAh battery sunlight-readable,and operating under extreme low temperature.

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